Spurs fans 'just wanna cry their eyes out' after seeing video of Kawhi Leonard limping up stairs

Some suggest Leonard may be faking it


SAN ANTONIO – Video of San Antonio Spurs' Kawhi Leonard struggling to make it up a flight of stairs to board the team’s plane Friday afternoon has many Spurs fans concerned for the star.

Leonard has been recovering from right quadriceps tendinopathy. The Spurs announced late September the injury would sideline Leonard for the entire preseason.

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Leonard also missed the Spurs' home opener due to the injury.

Some had theories Leonard might be faking for the cameras.

"Can't help but think he's doing this 4 the cameras," Twitter user Darshan Shaastri‏ said. "Look at the way he constantly turns back to the camera. Almost like he's checking to see."

Others said Leonard may be stretching his leg. But, some incorrectly suggest Leonard's injury is to his left quad.

"It's his left leg that's injured, correct? If so, this video shows me a guy intentionally using that leg to build strength," Twitter user Brandon Land said.

Here are some of the heart broken responses to the video: