Jose Altuve shows he literally loves his 'H-town brother' JJ Watt with note, pricey gift

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HOUSTON – Jose Altuve proved Houston athletes literally love each other and showed that they enjoy sharing the love after big victories, including giving pricey gifts. 

Altuve sent Houston Texans' defensive end JJ Watt a hand-written letter, thanking Watt for his support of all things Houston.

In the letter he said that Watt is "absolutely part of the squad."

“From one H-town brother to another, thanks for all you’ve done this year for the city we call home. Your support for all things Houston—from hurricane relief, to being our number one fan—has been nothing short of incredible.

“So, I hope you’ll accept this fine whiskey gift I gave all my teammates following our championship win because to me, you’re absolutely part of the squad.”

Watt tweeted the note and a picture of the generous gift Altuve sent—a bottle of Crown XR.  

Astros fans went crazy over Altuve's show of love to Houston Texan's superstar JJ Watt.

Whiskey, or Crown Royal aficionados can easily recognize the regal blend by its signature purple bag embellished with gold writing. But this one bared a personalized message in gold: "2017 World Champions #Houston Strong." 

The high-end Crown Royal XR retails for $130.