Taxi drivers feel boxed out of Final Four

Rideshares, buses able to drop off people in Alamodome lot

SAN ANTONIO – With the Final Four coming to town next week, taxis, ridesharing services and city buses will be scoring some big business, but some taxi drivers feel like they’re being boxed out.

An agreement is allowing only ridesharing services and buses to drop off fans in the Alamodome parking lot.

“It is very frustrating because we are talking families, and thousands of families and of cab drivers, that need this location in order to take care of their customers,” said Robert Gonzales, who works in the San Antonio taxi industry.

The location Gonzales is referring to is Lot B at the Alamodome, which holds over 1,000 vehicles. He said two weeks ago, a meeting was held to discuss the transportation plans for the event, but taxis were not included.


Gonzales said taxi drivers were caught off guard. When they asked officials where they were allowed to provide their services, they were told they had to drop off three blocks away.

“At first they proposed us to be on East Commerce, which is unacceptable because we want our customers to be next to the dome,” Gonzales said.

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Gonzales said drivers requested to at least be able to operate from Cherry Street, which is across from Lot B. NCAA and Alamodome officials granted their request.

The San Antonio taxicab industry was given about 509 feet on Cherry Street, which is only room for about 28 cabs, Gonzales said.

He said he hopes things will be different next time around.

“We hope next time that the city invite us to the table, and don’t leave us out because our customers are important,” Gonzales said.

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The Alamodome’s general manager said in a statement that officials thought Cherry Street would be easy access for patrons who use taxis or limousines.

San Antonio police said they will talk about plans for the Final Four during a news conference on Monday morning.

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