Scholar Athlete: Celeste Ramirez, McCollum High School

What are you most excited about for your senior year and why?

I am most excited to graduate and leave to college!

What drives you to be successful in the classroom and in your particular sport?

I aspire to excel in the classroom and on the field not only to make my family and coaches proud, but to set an example for younger student athletes. 

How do you balance homework, participation in sports and spending time with family and friends?

I have managed to balance my academics, athletics and social life all these years by having strict time management skills. I have disciplined myself to have a daily schedule of school, practice, homework, then free time. Unfortunately, my free time usually was either nonexistent or limited, but it was a sacrifice I don't regret. 

How do you want to be remembered at school once you graduate?

Once I graduate, I want to be remembered as an athlete and student who had a great work ethic. One that was respectful, positive, encouraging, and an overall happy person. 
Where do you want to attend college, major in and why?