Don't care much for soccer? No worries, just focus on the stands

From chants to drum beats, World Cup crowds can be best entertainment of all


Oftentimes during the World Cup, there is one question debated among viewers watching the matches.

What’s more entertaining, the games or what’s going on in the stands?

While diehard soccer fans are likely locked in to what’s happening on the field, more casual observers can’t help but notice the creative chants and music various fan bases come up with to support their teams.

Remember the controversy in Brazil four years ago with the vuvuzelas? It sounded like there were hundreds of angry bee hives in the seats when Brazilian fans blew those plastic horns. 

It often is a party in the stands, until of course the other team scores and dashes hope of victory. 

All fan bases are passionate and have their own unique ways of supporting their teams, but here are countries in particular to highlight before the games start.


The smallest country to ever qualify for the World Cup this will be the first time the island nation plays on soccer’s biggest stage. But the country had a nice tuneup two years ago when it made an improbable trip to the quarterfinals at the European Championships and enthralled the world with a “Viking war chant” at games. Basically, it involves clapping and chatting to the beating of a drum. 


Typically, you won’t find happier fan bases than ones from African nations, and that should be on display again in Russia with both Nigeria and Senegal qualifying. Drums, instruments, clapping and dancing will be in full force in the stands as these nations cheer for their teams. They are also known for their sportsmanship with how they applaud good plays by opposing teams.


No matter where the World Cup is played, the fan base that has the biggest presence is usually soccer-mad Brazil. They flock to the host country (except in 2014 when they were the hosts) in droves and come with their pregame parties and chants during the game, with or without the vuvuzelas. The chant below is a favorite one that simply speaks about the pride and love of being from Brazil.


The Japanese aren’t a powerhouse in soccer, but they have qualified for the last six World Cups and their fans get into the games like everyone else. The major chant is “Vamos Nippon,” which essentially means 'let’s go.’ It also looks like quite a cardio workout with all the jumping.


The country hasn’t won a World Cup since 1966, but if there were a World Cup each year for fan antics, there would be no doubt England would come out on top. 
English fans are creative and seemingly have an encyclopedia of chants, although some are vulgar and can’t be repeated here. 
An example was when English fans came up with a chant for games against Germany referencing World War II and the Royal Air Force shooting down German bombers, which obviously didn’t sit well with German fans and even was deemed racially offensive by England’s Football Association.
But others are cleaner and patriotic, such as “England till I die, I’m England till I die. I know I am, I’m sure I am. I’m England till I die.”
Another famous one below has the lyrics “Don’t take me home, please don’t take me home. I just don’t want to go to work. I wanna stay here and drink all your beer. Please don’t. Please don’t take me home.” 
One can only imagine what chants English fans will come up with if they ever win the World Cup again.

Are you an admirer of other fan bases that will be at the World Cup? Let us know in comments below. 

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