Kawhi Leonard is giving 'nothing but excuses,' getting 'bad advice,' former Spurs star says

Bruce Bowen calls out Kawhi Leonard in SiriusXM Radio interview

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)
(AP Photo/Eric Gay)

SAN ANTONIO – Former Spurs star Bruce Bowen didn't hold back on his thoughts on the Kawhi Leonard-Spurs saga in an interview with SiriusXM NBA Radio Thursday.

Bowen said he feels the franchise's small forward is giving "nothing but excuses," and that he's receiving "bad advice."

"I think he's getting bad advice," Bowen said flatly in a clip posted to SiriusXM NBA Radio's Twitter page. "I think what you're starting to see now is an individual given a certain amount of advice and it's not the right advice."

Bowen blasted the 26-year-old Spurs star, saying that Leonard's excuse for wanting to leave San Antonio has changed several times.

“I think there’s nothing but excuses going on," Bowen said. "First it was,'Well I was misdiagnosed.' Look here, you got $18 million this year. And you think that they're trying to rush you?

"You didn't play -- for the most part -- a full season this year and you're the go-to guy. You’re the franchise and you want to say that (the Spurs) didn’t have your best interest at heart? Are you kidding me?”

According to ESPN reports, Leonard met with Spurs coach Gregg Popovich to discuss his future with the Spurs. ESPN reported that Leonard had been intentionally difficult to reach leading up to the meeting and that he had no desire to meet with the five-time world champion coach.

Leonard's right quadriceps injury has been a point of contention between the Spurs and Leonard. Per ESPN, Leonard was upset that Tony Parker and Popovich made statements to media that he felt were not supportive of his decision to seek a second opinion on his injury.

Leonard is eligible for a five-year, $219 million contract extension. However, it's been reported Leonard is not interested in the money and wants to be traded, preferably to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Spurs did not work out any draft pick trades by the draft, which signaled the continuation of the Kawhi-Spurs saga.

Leonard appeared in nine games during the Spurs' 2017-2018 season as he recovered from his right quadriceps injury.