VIDEO: Former Dallas Cowboy involved in fistfight at Atlanta airport, report says

(AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

ATLANTA – Adam "Pacman" Jones, a former Dallas Cowboy cornerback, was involved in a fistfight at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Tuesday  after an employee instigated an argument, according to TMZ Sports.

Frank Ragin, who can be seen wearing his orange airport vest in the video, makes a gesture at Jones and initiates the fight.

Jones can be seen calling Ragin out following the gesture, but it’s Ragin who makes the first move.

The video, posted by TMZ Sports, shows Jones throwing a punch at Ragin as the two men exchange blows.

However, it’s Ragin who ends up getting knocked over with a punch from Jones and the fight is broken up shortly after.

Ragin was reportedly arrested on two counts of battery for allegedly initiating the fight.

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