Cowboys' Dak Prescott says protests do not belong in NFL venues

Prescott: 'I don't think that's the time or the venue'


OXNARD, Calif. – “No I never protest. I never protest during the anthem. I don’t think that’s the time or the venue.”

Those were the words of Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott following Friday morning's walk through in Oxnard, California. 

In light of the ongoing NFL national anthem controversy, the Cowboy’s are speaking up.

It started on Wednesday at the State of the Cowboys Address when owner Jerry Jones said their policy is Dallas Cowboys players will stand for the national anthem.

Friday, reporters began with questions on Jason Witten and Dez Bryant’s absence as Prescott took to the podium, which quickly turned to anthem buzz.

“I don’t necessarily listen to it. It has no effect to me because I know what I’m doing, what I’ve said, and what I’ve stood by,” Prescott said. “Whether I was wearing the star, playing for Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, or any other owner. I believe in what I believe in and that’s that.”

When asked to elaborate Prescott said that football brings him and many others peace and joy; and that NFL venues are not the place for these protests.

“Kneeling was just to raise awareness,” Prescott said, despite the first anthem protest dating back to almost two years ago on Sept. 1, 2016.

"The fact that we are talking about social injustice years later, I think we’ve got to the point. I think we’ve proved it and we know there’s social injustice,” Prescott finished.

Instead of kneeling Prescott said he is ready to take action toward actually making a difference.

He hopes to continue to motivate and inspire others. "Hopefully people can hear what I say and believe in that," Prescott said.

The Cowboys third-year quarterback was asked what action he would like to take, or if he has taken any thus far, his response: He's down for anything.

"I’m up to get involved in any way that we can to fix the social injustice, police brutality, and all the things that are going on in our country," Prescott said. "I’m all for making a difference and you can count me in if we can find something worth taking the action to do so."