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OXNARD, Calif. – After surviving the attack of the killer sprinklers on Thursday who saw the train wreck coming that was Freaky Friday. 
It started off as expected. Every media member from video to still to print setting up for Dak Prescott's first camp press conference and the headline would not be made until the end.  That's when Dak was asked if he would ever kneel during the National Anthem and he said no. He did not think it was the proper venue but he would respect those who believed it was. That appeared to be the story of the day and would only be enhanced by others who may or may not comment on the National Anthem controversy.  The Hot Button Topic of the NFL. 
Before we are able to start putting together the early broadcast we are beginning our in camp interviews.  They are done at the gazebo which is located on the players side of the hotel complex where we are allowed just for this event. Our first guest is Connor Williams who is the Cowboys second round pick out of Texas and the only rookie expected to start right out of the gate at left guard sandwiched between Travis Frederick and Tyron Smith.  Our second camp interview is with Byron Jones who is moving from safety to cornerback and with the loss of Orlando Scandrick becomes the go to guy in the Dallas secondary.  He has a very funny story about his new defensive backs coach Kris Richard pronounced "Ra Shard".  

But the day was only getting warmed up.  After broadcasting the 5 and 6 from both California and Las Vegas where Team USA is wrapping up it's mini camp the tornado hit.  Even though he hasn't been a member of the team since last March when he was cut, the ghost of Dez Bryant continues to haunt the Dallas Cowboys.  Photographer Billy Caldera brings our attention to a twitter rant by Bryant over something that Stephen Jones said about him during an interview of NFL Sirius.  It wasn't the interview that got Dez all worked up. It was the tweet sent out by NFL Sirius.  In a nutshell it appeared Jones was blaming Dez for Dak's setback, in part, last season.  But nothing could have been further from the truth. It was taken out of context and later deleted.  But not before the you know what storm was in progress.   

The entire media covering the event waited on Stephen and since he had nothing to hide addressed the cameras and said what we already know now is true. It was totally taken out of context.  And just for the record the tweet has since been deleted.  Thanks to the fact we have two cameras Mike was able to grab by Sean Lee and Travis Frederick both who were called out by Dez for conspiring to get him thrown off the team.  So much so he called Sean Snake Lee.  Lee did not mince words when asked to comment admitting the two butted heads because he wanted Dez to be more accountable to his team and his teammates.  And said Dez needs to look at himself.  Wow.  Whatever I had just written for the Nightbeat was out the window.  New lead and have to rework both broadcasts immediately.  It all got on the air thanks to Mike and Billy but back home Daniel Villanueva, Caroline Wright and Andrew Cely came to my rescue to help.  Truly a team effort and I thank all of them.  And now the icing on the cake if you will.  The attack of the killer sprinklers was not repeated.  Is it possible someone on the Cowboys actually noticed my tweet or even more amazing read this blog ?  If they did.  Thank you.  Pads come on Saturday. Let the hitting begin.

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