Sean Lee says Dez Bryant should 'hold himself accountable' following Bryant's Twitter rant

Bryant blasts former teammates on Twitter

(AP Photo/Brandon Wade)
(AP Photo/Brandon Wade)

OXNARD, Calif.

Dez Bryant's Twitter outburst this afternoon in which he called former teammate Sean Lee “Snake Lee” and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones “clueless" has gotten his former teammates talking.


As reports began to surface that the former Cowboys wide receiver was potentially closing in on a deal with a new team, Dez was mentioned in an interview with Stephen Jones on SiriusXM NFL Radio.


Let’s start with what SiriusXM posted on Twitter, which has since been deleted. 


“Stephen Jones on Dak improving: Dak is working on his game and accuracy. He has to trust the system. I think that was tough last year with @DezBryant in his ear. I think he’ll have the year he has last year if not better! #Cowboys” – SiriusXM Radio (@SiriusXMNFL) July 27, 2018


Bryant quickly responded to SiriusXM Radio saying:


"Here we go with that scapegoat s***.. I charged everything to the game and went the other way.. y'all know what the real problem is.. don't put it on me with that bull***.. garbage *** play calling.. Everybody lined up in the same spot for 17 weeks.." - Dez Bryant (@DezBryant) July 27,2018


But Dez was just getting started. 


In a second tweet responding to another Twitter user, he not only called out owner Jerry Jones, but went after his former teammate Sean Lee.


 "Jerry was the only one who was clueless.. *** was a planned to get me out ask Travis and my brother snake Lee I mean Sean Lee."


Meanwhile in Oxnard, the Cowboys were participating in their afternoon practice. When practice came to an end, the first questions were about Bryant's Twitter rampage.


"First thing, to say that I can get anybody off the team and I have any input on the roster is absurd," linebacker Sean Lee said, "Second thing, I love Dez and I want the best for him. We did butt heads because I wanted Dez to be more accountable to this team and his teammates."


Lee later said that he thinks Bryant needs to look at himself and hold himself accountable. 


Travis Fredrick was also on the hot seat following practice.


"You're going to search long and hard before you find a fifth-year player that makes personal decisions, so I certainly didn't have anything to do with that," Fredrick said about Bryant's previous comments. "He was always a good teammate to me."


As for Stephen Jones, he claims he did not mean for his comments on his SirusXM NFL Radio interview to be taken negatively. 


"You got great players like Dez and Witten, and they want the ball. And everybody sees it on every team -- the great players, the great receivers, the guys who catch the ball, want the ball," Jones said.


Jones continued to explain that he too was a quarterback, so he understands that mentality, but that in "no way" were his comments "intended to be negative."