Greg Simmons' Cowboys Camp Blog: iPhone misadventures and yoga


OXNARD, Calif. – Saturday started early with another attempt to get on Facebook live to continue our digital support of our Cowboys training camp coverage.

For some reason, every time I tried to do anything that seem to require an extra amount of power the phone would just shut down.  Now unfortunately it wasn't even holding a complete charge.

Maxed out at 95% and now just holding at 86% even with a back up charger.

It was photographer Billy Caldera that discovered the trouble when he took the lifeproof case off and found the battery had been expanding and was not only separating the phone but putting pressure on the screen.

That would explain why the phone felt hot in my pocket and the screen was often white when it was dark. So, we decide to go with Billy's phone as a temporary solution and it works. Finally. But now Billy is logged onto my Facebook page so any odd posts keep me informed.

We would have to find a repair station for the necessary repairs and there are two in Oxnard.

The first does not carry iPhone 6 batteries and the second is open and ready for business or so I thought: We rush over to drop off the phone told it would only take 30 minutes, but when I arrive the nice young lady informs me that the repair person does not report to work until 1 p.m.

That would have been useful information earlier, but what the heck, the phone is dead until the battery can be replaced. So, I drop it off and we have to get back to camp quickly for the end of morning practice. 

As we arrive we notice at the far end of field two there is a strange workout going on. What is that?

If I didn't know any better I would swear that is yoga. Turns out it is.

Stacey Hickman who is out of Los Angeles and works with Tyron Smith has agreed to do four or five yoga sessions in camp.

Muscle flexibility is the key in any sport and this just made sense. And as offensive lineman Joe Looney said, "anything Tyron does, I'm all for it."  Then he added that his goal was to get his leg over his head. That is not a pretty sight when you consider Joe is 6'3", 315 pounds.

We have to get him on our camp interviews. He has just gone to the head of the list especially when he was asked about the defensive line's new nickname of Hot Boys! What should the offensive line be called and Joe did not miss a beat...Fat Boys! How can you not love this guy?

The afternoon workout featured the first day in pads and that's always fun for me and the fans who show up for workouts, because that's when the hitting begins.

The highlight of the day is a great catch by Cole Beasley, who is able to adjust his body in mid air to come down with the ball. Remember he's only 5'8". 

That and the first interception of training camp performed by Byron Jones who is moving from safety to cornerback.

He picked off Dak and said he had a bet with Chidobe Awuzie as to who would get the first pick and says he owes him.  Didn't say how much though.

And when all is said and done after a along Saturday of dealing with issues outside of covering camp our reward is first off the field following live shots on Saturday.   

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