Cowboys make yoga class private


OXNARD, Calif. – The yoga class that caught our eye in the Cowboys training camp last week is now off limits.

That is the law laid down by the team's public relations department.

Apparently, the yoga on grass sessions have piqued the interest of more than just sports outlets around the country and to avoid the media frenzy, the Cowboys decided not to bend on the issue.

Even the yoga guru herself, Stacey Hickman out of Los Angeles, is a no interview zone.

This all started when the Cowboys All-Pro and Pro Bowl offensive tackle Tyron Smith shared his experiences with Hickman's work and the team signed her up for four of five sessions.

"For me, it's more stretching, core work and something as simple as nothing too strenuous for the big guys. Just more about keeping flexible," said Smith, who is about to start his eighth season on the Cowboys front line.


Smith, who is 6-5 and 320 pounds, missed three games last season due to a groin and knee injury and was asked if it plays a part in his health.

"Keeps everything loose pretty much as possible right now," said Smith, who was happy to share his experiences with yoga after workouts on Wednesday.

But since that time there has been a change of heart within the organization about publicizing the team's participation, and that change went into effect on Thursday.


The new mantra: no videotaping the sessions and no more interviews about the subject with the players.

And that's a shame since we will not be able to share with you if 6-3, 315 pound lineman Joe Looney will be able to reach his goal.  That would be to get his leg over his head.   

"Good luck with that," Smith said.


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