Soft-spoken Scarbrough eager for opportunity with Cowboys

2-time national champion trying to prove himself in a crowded backfield


OXNARD, Calif. – Bo Scarbrough is on the Dallas Cowboys roster this training camp.  If the name sounds familiar it should. Bo is a two-time national champion in college football with the Crimson Tide of Alabama.

"I just want to say it's a blessing to be able to get a chance," said Scarbrough, the soft-spoken running back who left Bama one year early to make himself available for the NFL draft. "Coach Garrett and Jerry Jones took a chance on me and for believing in me to be a part of their team."

The Cowboys used their final pick in the 2018 draft to select Scarbrough, so was Bo surprised when his name was called?

"I was surprised because with the running back situation with Zeke [Ezekiel Elliot] and Rod Smith, but I just want to thank them for believing in me and giving me a chance trying to make their team and come in and help," says Scarbrough.


"Bo was highly regarded out of high school going to Alabama," says Head Coach Jason Garrett. " I did talk to Coach Saban about him. He endorsed him highly as a player and as a person and that means a lot to us."

It should, since Garrett's first assistant coaching job was with Saban when he was coaching Miami in the NFL. That did not work out so well, but the lessons the now-coach of the Cowboys learned did.

"Obviously Coach Saban had a big influence on me in our time together for a couple of years," added Garrett. "Whether it's the offensive system or the defensive system or just simply how we do things in general. We and I believe a lot in what I learned from him."


Since a lot of what the Cowboys do is, by design, patterned off of what the six-time College Football National Championship coach does, Bo believes he has an advantage because much of the terminology and schedules are just like what he went through at Bama."

"I wouldn't say it's an advantage, but I can say I can fit right in and that I know what I'm doing and what to expect," said Scarbrough.

Now all he has to do is prove the Cowboys made the right choice.


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