Dak Prescott's brand-new ride

Phat Scooters are taking over Cowboys training camp


OXNARD, Calif. – To the victor -- or, in this case, to the quarterback of America's Team -- goes the spoils.

The face of the franchise, Dak Prescott, is driving around the Cowboys training camp on a brand-new custom-made scooter. It was made by Phat Scooters in Tempe, Arizona, and Prescott told us the company just gave it to him.


It's got his name and the Cowboys star on it, and it even has a blue tooth so he can play his favorite tunes from his iPhone.

According to the Phat Scooters website, the top of the line model is called the HD XTR, and it has three different driving modes: beach, golf and bike, which has a top speed of 20 mph. The super scooter costs $3,000.

It certainly doesn't hurt the company’s marketing for the scooter that a high-profile guy like Prescott is zipping around on the new mode of training camp transportation.

The graphics cost an extra one hundred dollars, if you would like to add a cup holder, that costs $60. But if you want speakers, you will have to shell out $300. The only other Phat Scooter in camp is being driven by DeMarcus Lawrence, who decided to interrupt our one-on-one interview with Taco Charlton on Thursday night to show off his ride. 

There was thought to be one other Phat Scooter in camp, but it turns out Prescott was letting Ezekiel Elliott borrow his, since Prescott already has his own golf cart.

What a teammate.