New tricks, new bricks at Cowboys training camp

The Boys take on a new drill involving bricks


OXNARD, Calif. – New faces, new tricks, and now, new bricks?

That is now apart of the Dallas Cowboys training camp after head coach Jason Garrett hired Sanjay Lal as his new receivers coach.

Lal comes to the Cowboys with nine years of experience at that position with the Colts, Bills, Jets and Raiders.

And he was also played wide receiver at the University of Washington and was part of their 1992 National Championship team.

His job is to get the biggest question mark in Cowboys camp ready to play for the regular season following the departure of Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams' injury.

One of the new tricks Lal has brought with him is the brick drill, which occurs after practice and catches your eye right away. Every single receiver has to carry two 25-pound bricks up and down the field.

"It's simply functional forearm finger strength," said Lal, who is in his first year with the Cowboys. "We want to rip balls out of there and we want to be able to release. Lot of releasing is hand fighting and having strong hands is pulling through a jam."

Lal has even turned the brick drill into a competition among his receivers and they seem to like it.

"We have a competition of who can hold it the longest," says Lance Lenoir, Jr. "I won the first time, but Noah won today. Noah Brown won today. I'll give it to him."

Tavon Austin, who is in his first year with the Cowboys after a draft day trade with the Rams is familiar with the drill.

He tells us that he was introduced to it in high school when he was on the basketball team.  "Everything is a competition, " says Austin.

"We try and go over and back to see who can get furthest. I don't even make it down and halfway back, so I'm competing with myself right now."

Austin said a wrist injury was partially to blame for his limited his performance in 2017.

Now, the brick drill may help turn the camp's biggest question mark into the answer for the regular season.

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