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OXNARD, Calif. – Follow Greg Simmons' daily blog as he and his crew take on Cowboys Training Camp in Oxnard, California.

Day 1: KSAT travels to teams 39th camp in California

Day 2: The Boys' first workout in Oxnard

Day 3: Dez Bryant's bombshell

Day 4: iPhone misadventures and yoga

Day 5: Drills and a Jerry Jones appearance

Day 6: Irvine road trip to see Rams' training camp, drama at the beach

Day 7: She didn't make it on camera, team resumes practice

Day 8: Return of Randy and KSAT beats the sprinklers!

Day 9: No more yoga, birthday celebrations

Day 10: Cali fires take favorite live-shot location

Day 11: Last day in Cali, Blue-White scrimmage, Terrance talks