San Antonio Missions play final regular-season games; fans show support for team

Team faces Corpus Christi Hooks for playoff starting Wednesday

SAN ANTONIO – It’s the end of an era in local baseball. The San Antonio Missions played their last regular-season game against the Corpus Christi Hooks before the Double-A team relocates to Amarillo.

A new Triple-A team will be moving to San Antonio in the Missions’ place.

The excitement beaming from fans during the Missions' last game as a Double-A team went hand in hand with feelings of nostalgia.

“We love them. Every so often we try to come out and see them. We've always been supporters,” said Robert Luna, a Missions fan. “I’m really excited to actually become a Triple-A fan, get some Triple-A gear.”

The current team will move to Amarillo next year. San Antonio’s new Triple-A team will be just one step away from Major League Baseball.

The transition doesn’t come without challenge. Wolff Stadium, where the team currently plays, only seats 9,200 people. Minor League Baseball recommends Triple-A team stadiums have a capacity of 10,000 people.

While there has been talk of possibly building a new stadium, nothing is set in stone.

The new Triple-A Missions team will still suit up as the “Flying Chanclas” from time to time, and the idea of that seems to be hitting a home run with fans.

“I want the Chanclas. I like the Chanclas, I'm wearing the Chanclas,” said Paul Scheuer, a Missions fan.

This is not the Missions’ last game in San Antonio. They start the playoffs on Wednesday against the Hooks. The team’s first game at home will be on Friday in a best of five series.

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