Scholar Athlete: Adam De La Garza, Holy Cross

What are you most excited about for your senior year and why?

I am most excited about sharing these last moments of high school with my closest friends I can call family, and saying goodbye and moving to my next chapter. 

What drives you to be successful in the classroom and in your particular sport?

The thing that drives me to be successful in the classroom and in baseball is that there is always gonna be someone smarter than me and better than me and this drives me to work even harder and push myself further. 

What advice would you give other student athletes on how to succeed on the field, in the classroom and remain close to family?

To learn time management, learn to balance your school work and homework with practice and still be involved with your family. This is major!!!

What do you like best about the high school you attend?

I love how Holy Cross is such a family oriented school where everyone knows each other and where we see each other as more than classmates.

Where do you want to attend college, major in and why?

I am unsure of what college I want to attend, but I am sure I want to study medicine and pursue the dream of playing college baseball. 

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be and why?

I would want the power to fly so I could travel around the world at no cost and get three pretty fast.

If you could take any athlete or celebrity to your senior prom, who would it be and why?

I would take Gina Rodriguez because of her beauty and I liked "Jane the Virgin" show.