Week 2: Big Game Coverage Road Trip from San Marcos to New Braunfels

BGC Road Trip begins in San Marcos, ends in New Braunfels


SAN ANTONIO – The second week of Big Game Coverage Road Trip looks to be a popular one, with the first stop starting with the San Marcos Rattlers hosting the Johnson Jaguars.

Both teams are coming off season-opening losses.

After losing to Buda Hays 28-17 Friday night, the Rattlers feel like they beat themselves.

"Yeah, just young mistakes," Rattlers head coach Mark Soto said. "Tackling, you know, getting your shoulder pads down when you tackle and things like that."

"Getting behind the sticks on penalties on offense, so just common mistakes that a young team will make that we can grow out of," Soto said.

Takai Madgett, junior running back/wide receiver, said they need to learn from last week's game and get off to a fast, smarter start.

"We put ourselves in bad positions and didn’t execute, and just let things get out of reach at a certain point," Madgett said. "We need to have more effort whenever we come out because when we put our self in the hole, we're not very good at digging it out. We need to come out harder than ever."

For senior safety Therrance Soto, he believes his team is more than capable of winning ball games and that they just need to start fast but finish strong.

"We learned that we had the effort, it's just we didn't have it the whole game," Soto said. "There were times in the game where we were playing to win, but it got to a point where it felt like we were almost playing to not lose."

The Rattlers will look to get back on track against Johnson, who lost its first game of the season to Brandeis, 35-17.

"I think they (Johnson’s defense) are a very explosive opponent. They’re always in the backfield, always around making plays, but I think we got them," Madgett said.

Game 1: Johnson Jaguars (0-1) at San Marcos Rattlers (0-1) at Toyota Rattler Stadium.

Game 2: Georgetown East View Patriots (0-1) vs. New Braunfels Canyon Cougars (1-0) at Cougar Stadium.

Game 3: Seguin Matadors (0-1) at New Braunfels Unicorns (0-1) at Unicorn Stadium.

All games will kick off Friday at 7:30 p.m. You can catch the highlights Friday on the Nightbeat and at BigGameCoverage.com. For score updates throughout the night, follow us on Twitter @KSATbgc. 

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