Scholar Athlete: Annie Notzon, TMI

SAN ANTONIOWhat are you most excited about for senior year and why? 

I am really looking forward to spending time with my friends and family before I go off to college and playing my last season of softball. 

What drives you to be successful in the classroom and in your particular sport?

I am driven by my curiosity to learn new things. I am driven on the court and field when I see my team come together and build each other up.

What advice would you give other student athletes on how to succeed on the field, in the classroom and remain close to family? 

I would definitely tell other student athletes to have a positive attitude no matter what they are doing, and there is no substitute for hard work. 

What do you like best about the high school you attend?

I love the academic and athletic opportunities TMI gives me, as well as the amazing community and family we have together. 

Where do you want to attend college, major in and why? 

I am attending Texas A&M University in the fall, the absolute best university in the country, where I will be majoring in business. I would love to use my degree to work for a nonprofit organization and help others.  

If you could have a superhero power, what would it be and why?

I would love to have the ability to time travel. I think it would be so cool to see different historical and cultural moments while they are actually happening. 

If you could take any athlete or celebrity to your senior prom, who would it be and why? 

I would take Justin Timberlake to my prom because I think he is a wonderful dancer.