AAF being sued by LA entrepreneur who claims league was his idea

Alliance says claims by Robert Vanech without merit

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SAN ANTONIO – Reports surfaced on Monday that the Alliance of American Football and its co-founder, Charlie Ebersol, were being sued by a Los Angeles-based venture capitalist who claimed the league was his idea.

According to Darren Rovell, the lawsuit states that Robert Vanech was suing the league because he claimed it was his idea to come up with Alliance.

Vanech also claimed he was entitled to 50 percent ownership and sought compensation along with having his name in the league's history books.

Vanech said he had a handshake agreement with Ebersol that was later ignored. The league just wrapped up the third full week of its inaugural season.

The league issued the following statement in response to Vanech's claims.

"Mr. Vanech’s claim is without merit. There was never any agreement, oral or written, between Mr. Vanech and Mr. Ebersol relating to The Alliance."

"We remain focused solely on our historic, inaugural season when each weekend over 400 players get an opportunity to showcase their talents and fulfill their dreams of playing professional football."

This is the second straight week the league has been at the center of financial reports.

Last week, the league announced a $250 million investment from Thomas Dundon on the same day of reports that the league missed payroll. The players were later paid what they were owed.

The league consists of eight teams, including the San Antonio Commanders who have totaled the highest attendance figures for their home two games after three regular season games.

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