Johnny Manziel could play for Commanders

GM Daryl Johnston confirms San Antonio owns rights to former Heisman winner


SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Now that Johnny Manziel has been kicked out of the Canadian Football League, what are the chances he could suit up for the San Antonio Commanders in the Alliance of American Football?

The chances look pretty good, if you listen to Commanders general manager Daryl Johnston.

“I had a conversation with [AAF Chairman] Tom Dundom,” Johnston said. “He’s the one that informed me yesterday of what happened and that Johnny Manziel was now available. He just said, 'He belongs to you in San Antonio.'”

Demanding different salaries than previously established rates has been a consistent problem with other higher-profile players who have attempted to play in the AAF, but that doesn’t seem to concern Manziel.

“It sounds as though Johnny Manziel is comfortable with coming down here and playing with the salaries that have been established with us and the Alliance,” Johnston explained.

The Commanders hold Manziel’s rights in the AAF because he played his college ball at Texas A&M. The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner also played high school football in Kerrville for the Tivy Antlers, a local connection that would make him very attractive to Commander fans in San Antonio.

Johnston said that in terms of negotiations, San Antonio is currently “in a holding pattern right now.”

The only remaining question is whether “Johnny Football” can manage himself and avoid the pitfalls that have cost him his career in both the NFL and CFL.

If the answer is yes, then the third time might be the charm.

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