Spurs drop Denver for third straight win

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)
(AP Photo/Eric Gay)

SAN ANTONIO – The Spurs beat the Denver Nuggets on Monday night at the AT&T Center to win their third straight game and seventh straight overall at home.

The Nuggets made a late rally and cut the score to 104-103, but the Spurs held on defensively.


When the San Antonio Spurs host the Denver Nuggets Monday night, it could be sign of things to come.

The Nuggets have a firm hold on the No. 2 spot in the West while the Spurs are in and out of the seventh spot, so it could be a look at a possible first-round matchup -- although some guys are just looking at it like another tough game against a tough team in the West and not viewing it as that.

“Not yet I think,” said Marco Belineli. “They are a good team. It's going to be a tough game and we need to be focused and ready to play from the beginning of the game.”

The Nuggets are one of the best in the West but they are coming off a loss to the New Orleans Pelicans at home Saturday night, 120-112.

The last time the Spurs played the Nuggets back in December. Actually it was one of those rare same team back to backs.

They beat the Nuggets at home Dec. 26, 111-103, then traveled to Denver and lost to the Nuggets on Dec. 28, 102-99.

They blew that game on the free throw line missing six free throws in the the fourth quarter alone.

The Spurs are on a three game winning streak thanks mostly to their defense.

After a mid-season lull, they have really picked up the defense especially on this homestand holding Detroit to 93 points and OKC to 102, not to mention keeping Russell Westbrook in check not allowing him to get a triple-double.

One of the moves that has made a difference is inserting Jakob Poeltl into the starting lineup.

“It’s a little different than playing with the bench, little bit different spacing, (I) have to get used to it,” said Poeltl. ”It’s a lot of fun playing with those guys.”

Eventhough it is different being a starter, Poeltl is trying to just keep playing his game.

“I’m trying to like keep doing the same stuff I do and I do well still when LA (LaMarcus Aldridge) is still on the court," Poeltl said. "When LA’s on the court, still run my pick-and-roll. There are situations where I just have to space and try and play off of LA, but there are also others where I try and get involved and get a score and play with a little bit more pace. I am trying to figure out the balance of that.”

“I love Jakob, he is a great guy he does all the dirty jobs,” said Belineli.

They will need a little dirty work tonight  at 7:30 when they tip off in the AT&T Center.

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