SA rising boxer ready for fight across border

Richard Medina to fight veteran boxer, then graduate from Lanier HS

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio boxer Richard Medina started the year at Lanier High School like any other: school, work, friends, socializing, basically the usual schedule for a graduating senior.

Medina started off the fall semester by turning into a professional boxer right before his 18th birthday. Since then, Medina has fought and won all three of his pro fights, even winning two of them by knockout.

 Medina and his team will travel Thursday to the border and cross into Matamoros, Mexico, for his fourth and final bout as an enrolled student at Lanier.

Medina will fight Friday night against a man who is 13 years older than him and has battled in 35 career fights.

Four days after, Medina will then cross the stage with his 2019 senior class at the Alamodome and hold up something just as special as a belt: his diploma. 

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