Lawsuit: Elliott, Cowboys 'covered up' severity of 2017 car crash

Frisco native seeking $20 million in damages


Controversy has followed Ezekiel Elliott to Cabo, and the Cowboys organization could be on the hook as well.

While the star running back is still holding out from training camp, a $20 million lawsuit was filed Tuesday that accuses Elliott and the Cowboys of trying to cover up a car crash in early January 2017.

The lawsuit claims that on Jan. 11, 2017 – four days before Dallas hosted the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Divisional Round – Elliott "barreled through a red light" and "slammed into" plaintiff Ronnie Barnard Hill’s vehicle.

The facts as set forth in the petition state, "At the scene of the crash, Elliott admitted fault, and the Frisco Police also concluded that the crash was Elliott's fault. Elliott and running backs coach Gary Brown, who was on the scene, told Hill not to worry about anything, go get checked out and 'we will take care of everything.' While Hill was trying to compose himself and access the situation Elliott who was late to practice had already notified Dallas Cowboy personnel who were on the scene and had already spoken with the police department before Hill even knew what was happening."

The timing of the accident meant Elliott would have undergone concussion protocol and probably been forced out of playing in the Cowboys' playoff game.

Hill is accusing the Cowboys of conspiring with the Frisco Police Department to "cover up the severity of the accident to assure Elliott’s health would not be placed in question before their playoff game."

Elliott was not cited in connection with the crash.

In the original petition, plaintiff Hill was seeking only $1 million in damages from Elliott. The plaintiff amended and restated his original petition to enjoin the Dallas Cowboys Football Club Ltd. and is seeking damages of at least $20 million.

A jury trial is set for February 2020.

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