Ezekiel Elliott's holdout reaches one week; Jerry Jones not worried on getting contract settled


Ezekiel Elliott’s contract holdout has now reached one week, and while Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones refused to give any indication if the team and their star running back are any closer to an agreement, he spoke out on several other issues.

Jones’ son and team vice president, Stephen Jones, threw a little fuel on the fire Wednesday when he told a Dallas radio station that the Cowboys were not going to be market-setters when it comes to contracts.

While Stephen Jones declined to comment Thursday, his father was more than happy to address several issues revolving the biggest holdout in the NFL.

“Whenever have I ever not done one” Jones responded when asked if he was worried at all about this not getting done when it comes to Elliott’s contract. 

Jerry Jones was equally as positive about Zeke leaving the country to train in Cabo, Mexico.

“Zeke is in my mind, is very conscientious about his preparation to play,” he said. “I’m not even giving it a second thought.”

Jerry Jones was equally unconcerned when asked if he was bothered that Zeke was not having his back after the Cowboys owner had stuck his neck out for one of his star players in at least two of the off-field incidents.

“I felt strongly that Zeke had the high ground,” Jones said. “I have anticipated a time when no matter how together you are as teammates or organization mates, there comes a time when your interests diverge, and you got to sit down and reconcile it.”

But do you get to a point where this can’t continue, and you must move on?

“I don’t see a point,” Jerry Jones said. “While we have some sloppy rules (CBA) relative to holdout, there are some lines there and they do bite when you don’t play.”

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