Centenarian Val O’Rear has been bowling over 60 years, has no plans to retire

O’Rear celebrated 100th birthday Friday bowling with friends, family

SAN ANTONIO – Valentine O’Rear, who will be turning 100 on Saturday, celebrated the milestone Friday at Astro Super Bowl with friends and family.

O’Rear has been bowling over 60 years and continues to be competitive in the sport, averaging a score of 99.

Gwen Vail drives O’Rear to senior bowling on Tuesdays and Fridays and organized her birthday party.

“She keeps chugging through,” Vail said. “She doesn’t give up. She never gives up. She’s very kind. She’s generous. She’s one of a kind.”

O’Rear was born in Hawaii in 1919 and lived there at the time of the bombing at Pearl Harbor -- ironically, she turned 22 the day of the attack in 1941. However, she has called San Antonio home for the past 40 years and loves professional basketball and baseball, particularly the Spurs.

“She’s a big sports fan,” said her daughter, Wanda Kellum. “She loves just about every sport. And I think this is something she can do always having been a bit of a small woman. And she’s very competitive and she just lives for bowling. It’s her absolute favorite thing.”

O’Rear said she’s been a Spurs fan since the beginning of the franchise and loves to bowl. Her daughter joked her mother’s fondness of bowling and chocolate might be the key to her longevity.

“I always tell people if you want to live to be 100. Take up bowling and eat a lot of Hersey candy bars, because that’s about her diet these days,” Kellum said.

O’Rear has two children, four grandchildren and four great grandchildren and has no plans to retire from bowling.

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