Scholar Athlete: Micaela D’Andrea, Stevens High School

SAN ANTONIOWhat are you most excited about for your senior year and why?

I'm excited to graduate this year and attend my dream universities. I always go to my college counselor for assistance with my applications and receive amazing information about the colleges.

What drives you to be successful in the classroom and in your particular sport?

I am afraid that if I don't do my best in the classroom or on the court, I will not be able to succeed in life. Everything is connected, which will help me step into my future.

What advice would you give other student athletes on how to succeed on the field, in the classroom and remain close to family?

Do not be afraid of making mistakes, learn and grow from them. Letting your mistakes weigh you down will drop your attitude and your spirit, which will affect everyone around you. Your faults will be your stepping stones for success and winning. Be the person everyone wants to look up to.

What do you like best about the high school you attend?

I love how everyone gets excited for the football games. We dress out accordingly to the school news. Neon colors, camouflage, black out, pink out, etc. It's super fun when everyone dresses together for school spirit.

Where do you want to attend college, majoring in and why?

I plan to attend UTSA for the mechanical engineering program and the sports program. I would love to get my bachelor's degree for mechanical engineering. After that, I plan to get my master's degree in aerospace engineering at Texas A&M in College Station. I am working hard in hopes to become an engineer at NASA. I became interested when I took a field trip to Johnson Space Center in sixth grade. I was fascinated by the mechanics of the rockets and rovers sent to space. Since then, I wanted to work at NASA.

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be and why?

I would love the power to fly. If I can fly, I can see the world a whole lot better than being in a plane or seeing satellite images. Seeing the sunset from the clouds' height, flying through valleys, seeing the night sky without lights blindsiding next, or I can skydive and land without a parachute.

If you could take any athlete or celebrity to your senior prom, who would it be and why?

A very good question. I thought about for a while and decided I would probably ask Kerri Walsh and Misty May. I’ve idolized them for so long, watching them play when I was growing up. Their teamwork and dedication to the sport, to each other and our country inspired me to be a better player and person.