Local training facility utilizes social media and internet to promote fitness and wellness during ‘Stay Home, Work Safe’ order

D1 Training locations in San Antonio and Boerne post daily workouts online to engage community.

Boerne – With gyms closing in Greater San Antonio throughout the length of the ‘Stay Home, Work Safe’ order, fitness instructors and staff have been posed with the challenge of reaching clientele who cannot use the facility and may not have access to equipment. Like other studios and gyms, the staff at D1 Training in both Boerne and San Antonio have had to modify their product in order to engage the home-bound public. Additionally, both of the local franchises had recently opened, with the San Antonio location opening around six weeks ago.

“One thing you learn in coaching is you have to adapt and adjust,” said General Manager and former UTSA baseball coach, Jason Marshall. “We’re having to make a quick pivot based off of just people sheltering at home and the social distancing aspect of things.”

That pivot includes FaceTime sessions with clients, the coaches coordinating workout tutorials for YouTube and live workouts sessions on social media as well launching an app where the coaches can continue to tailor plans for members.

Mike Hernandez is the Head Strength and Speed Coach for both locations and said that the phone and FaceTime calls have enabled feedback between the instructors and their clients and that the app allows the staff to stay engaged with all of the clubs’ members, which range in ability from youth to professional athletes to older adults.

“Performance is character driven,” Hernandez said. “That’s my biggest deal right now is trying to keep people engaged and to also kind of deliver a message that if we come out of this with better character as a nation, we’re going to be better off.”

The staff produces daily workouts that don’t require equipment and can be followed from the convenience and comfort of home – both adhering to the stay-at-home order and helping others maintain a healthy lifestyle. Assistant strength coach, Desmond Jackson, said that staying active is important to mental health and that the digital workouts are easily accessible.

“If you’re at home and you’re not doing much and you can’t do much but watch TV and watch the news, you know what, jump on your laptop or phone and do a quick 30-minute workout with us,” Desmond said. “I think that will go a long way in just keeping your mind on something positive.”

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