San Antonio Christian Boosters donate food to North Central Baptist Hospital

SAN ANTONIO – Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals have been inundated with patients. Doctors, nurses and staff members put their lives on the line, fighting through declining funds and diminishing resources.

On Friday afternoon, San Antonio Christian Schools showed their appreciation and gave back.

School boosters -- known as LionBackers -- donated 16 pizzas and two cakes to North Central Baptist Hospital. The donation was part of a two-tier support program. Pizzas were purchased at Little Caesars while the cakes came from Baskin Robbins, both locally owned by SACS families.

“We preach family everyday at San Antonio Christian," said SACS Athletic Director Brandon Parrott. “Even though we’ve been isolated and separated, any way that we can come together and show that family aspect, we hope the kids can learn from it. It’s life-long lessons that we live by. In these times of trial when you’re tested, you’ve got to step up and prove what you’re all about.”

Hospital staff greeted Parrott and the rest of the boosters in attendance on the north side of the hospital and expressed their gratitude for the gesture.

“I will say, I was overwhelmed with the hospital workers’ reception," Parrott said. "Just how much they said it meant to them and to feel the amount of appreciation that they had for this.”

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