The NBA is offering players a ‘smart’ ring to track Covid. But does it even work?

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The NBA, which hopes to restart the season July 30, says it is offering players a ring whose maker claims it can track a user's health data and even predict if users are about to show symptoms of coronavirus infection.

But there's not much information yet on how well the device, which has embedded electronics, works.

The $299 Oura ring is designed to monitor sleep, pulse, movement, heart activity and temperature, according to the company's website.

Some doctors are lukewarm about its potential.

"There is not a lot of data on it right now. There have been some studies that I've seen -- most of the studies are published by the device manufacturers," Dr. Darria Long, an emergency room physician and clinical assistant professor at the University of Tennessee, told CNN.

Other doctors contacted by CNN said there was too little solid information about the device for them to comment on it.

The ring is one of about a half-dozen wearable devices being studied to see if they can detect the often-subtle symptoms of coronavirus infection.

A team at Scripps Research is looking into the potential of the Apple Watch, Fitbits, Garmin devices, Oura and others to see if they can accurately monitor a person's baseline temperature, heart rate, sleep and daily movement, and use changes in that data to detect the early onset of an infection.