‘Kawhy': SA Zoo hilariously cancels Kawhi's membership after trade reports

Zoo joins local brewery in pulling offers for Kawhi Leonard

By Adrian Garcia - Digital Journalist

(AP Photo/Darren Abate, File)

SAN ANTONIO - First came the bombshell reports that Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio, then Spurs fans turned on the superstar and now offers are being revoked.

Much like some NBA fans, the San Antonio Zoo showed its feelings over social media by sharing it has canceled Kawhi’s membership following the reports he wants to leave the Spurs.

"Who wants a free membership? We have recently become aware that one of our members intends to move," the zoo said on social media. "Kawhy? We have no idea, but his membership is now null and void and up for grabs."

San Antonio residents will recall when the zoo offered four free memberships Thursday for Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Leonard and LeBron James.

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While the zoo’s offer was primarily to join in on recruiting LeBron to San Antonio, it was also viewed as a pitch for Leonard, Parker and Ginobili to stay with the Spurs.

The zoo, however, wasn’t the only one to pull an offer to Kawhi.

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Local Freetail Brewery shared over social media that its “free pizza and beer for life” offer for Leonard was amended and instead applied to LeBron.

It is worth noting that since the reports are deemed rumors until Leonard publicly speaks out, Freetail said Kawhi’s deal is "still on" just two hours later.

"Okay, pizza and beer deal for life is still on. This is all to confusing," the brewery said.

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