'Persistent' mom makes dream meeting happen for son

Isaac, 8, met his sports idol Steph Curry in SA

By Ellie Holmes - News Producer
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SAN ANTONIO - An 8-year-old San Antonio boy got the chance to meet his idol this weekend, all thanks to his mother who never gave up trying to make the special meeting happen.

In a video shared last month, Isaac Cervera is seen losing his mind when his mother, Rachelle Rodriguez Cervera, surprised him with tickets to Spurs vs Warriors at the AT&T Center. Rachelle shared the video on KSAT's Facebook page, explaining that Isaac is a huge Curry fan.

His genuine reaction is one that would warm any sports fan's heart, even in Spurs country.

This weekend, Rachelle told KSAT that she and Isaac were going to Saturday's game instead of the game on March 29, as originally planned. Isaac was heartbroken when he found out Curry was not playing, but they both remained optimistic.

Sure enough, just after noon on Sunday, she shared precious images of Isaac meeting Curry. Isaac was even thoughtful enough to wish Curry a happy birthday with a homemade sign.

"We are still on Cloud 9!!!" she wrote.

So how did she do it?

"I reached out to someone at Golden State last month," she wrote. "He said he couldn't make any promises, but he would see what he could do. Long story short, I remained persistent. I'm the one that can't stop crying ... tears of joy every time I look at pictures."

Rachelle said the video got a bit of flack on social media when it first made the rounds, calling Isaac a bandwagon fan.

But, she said, she believes Curry is a good influence on her son and an athlete she doesn't mind him idolizing. She said Isaac tried out for, and made, the basketball team this year -- inspired by Curry.

The Spurs face the Warriors again later this month on March 29 at the AT&T Center.

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