Sports Blog: Texans got a punch

The Houston Texans have been riding high all season, playing all year like the best team in the AFC. 

Sunday night, the Texans passed yet another test: They won a tough, physical game against one of the toughest, most physical teams in the NFL, the Chicago Bears. 

And just for good measure, the game was played on a cold, rainy night in the Windy City. 

Even Mike Ditka has to be proud of the way the Texans punched the Bears in the mouth, and knocked them out on NBC's Sunday Night Football. 

The score ended up 13-6, not exactly the best football game ever played, but it was just what the Texans needed -- a tough game against a really good team. 

We knew the Texans could beat up on the teams they're suppose to beat, but after the Packers game, many had doubts on whether or not the Texans could beat a top-level team.  

Another concern was whether or not the Texans could play in cold weather, and get physical with a physical team. 

With the Ravens and Patriots in the same conference, this is a trait you need to get through the AFC come January. 

Well, the Texans answered the bell, and punched back so hard Jay Cutler might not play this week. 

It might be too early to book your trip to the Super Bowl Texans fans, but this season, the Texans do seem like they will make a serious run at an AFC title, and have shown the backbone to fight with anybody for that title. 

John Dyer is a sports blogger for He also owns a sports website, Texas Sports Junkie.

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