Cloned Facebook accounts can scam thousands from unsuspecting people

Woman shares stories of being scammed on social media site


SAN ANTONIO – Scammers hit Kathleen Breish at a time she was most vulnerable. Recovering in a rehabilitation hospital from health problems, Breish thought the Facebook message from a friend of 15 years was just her luck.

“She (friend) said that she got a $9,000 grant from the government,” Breish said. “She said ‘You need to do this Kathy.’ She says ‘You really need to do this the day you come home because the funding may stop.’”

Breish said she applied for a government grant two years ago and she hoped the $9,000 was tied to that application. She said she was told she’d have to pay nearly $1,000 by MoneyGram then a check for $9,000 would be delivered.

“I thought I could help my younger daughter. I could help my son,” she said.

Breish said she would not have done it, but she felt safe knowing the information was coming from a friend she’d known so well.

After sending the money, her check never arrived.

Breish says she has learned a lesson the hard way.

“I now know that people can impersonate people you’ve known for 15 years,” she said.

Scammers will impersonate anyone. Whether it is a person’s friend, a rock star and even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and they all have the same intent: Ripping people off.

Now Briesh has this message to other people.

“Call a friend, call a relative, a son or daughter younger than you,” Briesh said. She recommends someone who might be a little more social media savvy if you have your concerns.