New technology debuting at San Antonio Auto and Truck Show

Auto show runs from Thursday to Sunday

SAN ANTONIO – Buckle up! Audi, Lexus and Ford are giving consumers a front row seat to technology that can help drivers avoid getting in a crash.

With blind spot monitors, birds eye view cameras and sensors that help keep, cars in their lane car technology is going high-tech.

Garret Dauphin, with North Park Lexus, said there is even a feature that allows cruise control to adapt to traffic.

“I have it set to following a certain distance of three cars,” Dauphin said. “So when a car in front of you slows down, this car will automatically slow down.”

New technology is also helping drivers avoid crashing. A radar detects an object in the path of the car, and the brakes are applied.

“So from the time it take you to realize there is a potential accident and reach for the break, it’s already done that for you,” Alex Navarrete, with Jordan Ford, said.

Since 90 percent of all crashes are caused by driver error, these new features are becoming mainstream.

While the features are cool, they don’t come cheap. Decked-out vehicles cost more than $75,000. Cleaburn Walker, with Cavender Audi, said the technology is not meant to drive the vehicle, but to assist the drivers.

“When you have a child in the back, distracts you, or the driver in front of you hits the breaks, the car will assist you in driving,” Walker said.

The San Antonio Auto Show opens its doors on Thursday at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center and will run through the weekend.

Tickets cost $14 at the door, or $12 if purchased online.