Knotted up? Do's and Don't's for maintaining charging cords

Best to spend extra on high-quality product


SAN ANTONIO – It's a common frustration that comes with modern life: How to keep track of all of those chargers and keeping them working?

There are some do’s and don’ts when trying to reign in the charging cord chaos.

With chargers for an iPhone, or iPad and wireless headphones, it can be a lot.

The experts at Consumer Reports said start by skipping the cheap chargers.

"At the very least, they can void your warranty, and they break really easily,” Allen St. John, with Consumer Reports, said. “Even worse, they can short out your device, and they could even start a fire."

He recommended people pay a little more for a charger that is approved by the manufacturer.

The UL symbol, from Underwriters Laboratories means the charger has met certain safety requirements.

Of course, there is that pesky problem with losing them.

"It may seem counterintuitive, but if you lose chargers all the time, what you need to do is actually buy more of them," St. John said.

The extra chargers can be left in the car, at the office, bedroom and kitchen. People are less likely to lose it if they bring the device to the charger, not the other way around.

That solves another problem.

When a person takes their cords with them, wrapping them the same way every time can weaken the fragile wiring inside. 

The experts said just balling it up randomly is actually better for the cords.

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