SA tech company creating future toys

Merge specializes in VR products like Merge Cube, Merge Goggles


SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio technology company is taking toys to the next level.

Merge has been creating toys of the future and specializing in virtual reality at Geekdom since 2015. 

"Between the summer of 2015 and the summer of 2016, the company really launched what is a series of award-winning augmented reality and virtual reality products," said Steve Patti, chief marketing officer. 

One of the products is the Merge Cube, a holographic toy that allows users to physically hold and interact with 3D objects using augmented reality technology. 

"It allows (the user to do this) through the use of the apps that we make available on a portal containing almost 400 apps, most of them free," Patti said. "It allows kids to project onto these markers on the Cube virtual images and augmented images, from the human body to the solar system to a variety of entertainment that they can use to an alternative to traditional game boxes." 

Merge also created Merge Goggles, a pair of soft goggles that the user drops into a smartphone that takes them into virtual worlds. 

The company has created partnerships with other companies in the tech space and that are becoming leaders in the VR space.