UTSA alumni create food waste app

CafeEdu allows students, teachers to order food from menu

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SAN ANTONIO – Two UTSA graduates have created an app to help schools deal with food waste. 

Matt Galvan and Miles Lerch created the app, CafeEdu, which allows students and teachers to choose from the cafeteria menu. 

When the person chooses a meal from the app, the order is sent to the cafeteria, which gives officials an idea how many students are eating lunch that day.  

"The app essentially allows students and teachers to preselect items from their lunch menu in an effort to reduce waste in school cafeterias," Galvan said. 

The app creators said they hope the data helps schools make better choices to avoid wasting food. 

"Being able to reduce some of the food waste in these cafeterias is definitely just a phase one for us. We do have a lot of nutritional programs and after-school programs that we want to implement with the schools," Galvan said. 

The app is not in any schools yet, but Galvan and Lerch are working with some school districts in hopes of getting them to implement it.

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