Map shows 12 incredible Texas caves within driving distance of San Antonio

Take a Texas day trip from San Antonio to visit any of the caves on this list

Cave Without A Name
Cave Without A Name

SAN ANTONIO – Caves don’t typically come to mind when people think of Texas but there are actually thousands of caves across the state, nearly 600 of them in Bexar County.

Texas’ unique topography includes many regions of karst limestone, which has allowed for the formation of these caves over hundreds of thousands of years.

Many Texas caves are actually situated in densely populated residential areas and citizens are unaware they even exist.

The following caves are all within a 2.5 hour drive, or less, of San Antonio:

  • Airmen’s Cave - Austin
  • Bracken Cave - San Antonio
  • Natural Bridge Caverns - San Antonio
  • Cascade Caverns - Boerne
  • Cave Without a Name - Boerne
  • Caverns of Sonora - Sonora
  • Inner Space Cavern - Georgetown
  • Kickapoo Cavern State Park - Brackettville
  • Longhorn Cavern State Park - Burnet
  • Wonder Cave - San Marcos
  • Whirlpool Cave - Austin
  • Robber Baron Cave - San Antonio

Fun Fact: Robber Baron Cave only opens to the public once every 18 months on average. The last time the cave was open to the public was November 2017. The next scheduled open house for the cave is September 28.


Caves are a valuable natural resource that take hundreds of thousands of years to form and are home to unique and endangered species, according to Texas Cave Management Association.

Even slight changes to cave environments could have colossally detrimental effects to these delicate ecosystems.

Giant cave in Texas neighborhood being filled with concrete

To support cave conservation by visiting the caves and learn about their individually unique features, join the Texas Cave Management Association for the 2019 Save The Caves event.

If you’re having trouble viewing the map of the caves below, click here.

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