9 months after floods, new bridge opens in Wimberley

Residents excited as new bridge represents another sign of progress after floods

HAYS COUNTY, Texas – It is a sign of progress in Hays County, traffic rolling over a brand new Fischer Store Road bridge just outside the small town of Wimberley.

In May of 2015, the bridge was destroyed by flood waters during the Memorial Day Weekend floods that thrashed South Central Texas.

"Boy the flood was devastating to this area and it’s so nice they got a bridge back as fast as they did which is remarkable," said Bill Whitlock.

He lives down river from the new bridge. It only took nine months to build the new bridge.

"Used to be you kind of had to go around the loop, it took 45 minutes or so to get to town and it is so pleasant to be able to be able to come across the bridge and jump into town in five to 10 minutes," Whitlock said.

"(It’s a) very big deal for people to not have to go all the way around," said Lori Faulkner.

County residents say every bit of progress helps the area recover. The convenience of the new bridge will help folks in Wimberley as well.

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"I think we are doing pretty well but I think the process is ongoing, community-wise and business-wise," said Traci Ferguson whose home and business was flooded.

The bridge is a major part of that process.

"I think it’s another step in our recovery," Ferguson said.

"We are starting to build back and things are getting green spring is happening so that’s good," Whitlock said.


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