Car lot manager blames drivers for crashing into fences, vehicles

Auto A to Z manager wants warning signals installed on Highway 90 exit ramp


SAN ANTONIO – The general manager of a car lot on the city's West Side blames speeding drivers for damage caused to fences and vehicles on the property.

Patrick Cortez of Auto A to Z in the 1300 block of South General McMullen Drive said part of the used car lot borders a frontage access road of U.S. Highway 90. Cortez said drivers fly off the exit ramp and don't have time to stop.

He said that cars have crashed into fences, vehicles and utility poles.

"Well, the problem is we can't show any of our vehicles. All we have is a bunch of mangled fence lying over here," Cortez said. "I've seen this telephone pole right here being replaced a total of six times."

Cortez said he called a lot of different agencies but was told the Texas Department of Transportation is responsible for any potential safety traffic improvements. A TxDOT spokesperson said the agency will review the situation and determine if any safety improvements can be made.

"Somebody needs to come out here and put some warning signals for people to slow down at this exit ramp," he said.

Cortez said he fears the problem will get bogged down in bureaucracy.

"In the meantime, people keep crashing into our fence and damaging our vehicles," he said.