Driver arguing on cellphone crashes vehicle into telephone pole

Victim was taken to University Hospital for his injuries


SAN ANTONIO – A man talking on his cellphone while driving took out both a telephone pole and a traffic light overnight, San Antonio police said Wednesday.

The accident happened just before midnight at the intersection of Nassau Drive and West Avenue on the city's North Side.

Police said the man was arguing with a woman on his phone when he lost control while going northbound. The vehicle took out the telephone pole, the traffic control box, all of the stop lights and then jumped the curb.

The driver was taken to University Hospital for his injuries, his condition is not presently known.

5 hours later police said they are still waiting for public works to come out with stop signs. Traffic lights and electrical wires were at one point in the middle of the street. 

It is not known if the driver will face any charges.

No word on what the driver was arguing about.