District 5 residents sound off against possible Zarzamora Street overpass

Some residents say underpass is safer

SAN ANTONIO – Several options were laid out on the table for a Zarzamora Street project that would eliminate traffic issues, including the need to wait for a train to pass so that drivers could get to the other side.

"They'll see four different options. A couple of them have to do with (the) overpass. We're also showing an underpass option." said Mike Frisbe, an engineer and director for Transportation and Capital Improvements.

People who went to the Collins Garden Elementary School for Thursday's Transportation and Capital Improvements meeting said they are worried, 

"I'm right next door to the railroad tracks," resident Maria Velazquez said.

Based on past statements from TCI, the most likely option would be to build an overpass. It is more affordable than creating an underpass but less popular for safety reasons.

"An overpass creates vagrancy, drug deals, homeless people sleeping under the bridge. I don't have anything against them; it creates a very bad situation," Velazquez said.

Several hundred people have signed a petition, hoping to stop any overpass from being built.

"We feel that an underpass would not only be safer, it would be more pedestrian friendly. It would be a gateway into the community" said Jose Gallegos Jr., a member of the District 5 Community Coalition.

TCI said it's open to hearing concerns and will consider everyone's input.

"We're sensitive to every property owner, whether it be a business or a resident. We want to minimize the impact. Zarzamora is a busy street, over 16,000 vehicles a day and growing, so we need to fix this," Frisbe said.

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