Northwest Side residents see major changes to dangerous road after 2 pets killed

District 8 councilman works with residents of Red Robin Road to fix issues

SAN ANTONIO – Some Northwest Side residents are seeing major changes to their street after complaints about speeding issues they said claimed the lives of at least two pets.

Last November, Fred Swaney said Kako, his service dog in training, became the second canine he’s had hit and killed by a vehicle outside his home. He believes someone swerved onto his property on Red Robin Road.

“The dog was struck as the result of somebody actually coming into the yard and hitting the dog,” Swaney said.

After KSAT aired a report last year, District 8 Councilman Manny Pelaez jumped into action, Swaney said.

“We’ve been here since 1985, and I’ve seen a lot of things in the city, but I’ve never seen anything taken care of as fast as Red Robin has to this point,” Swaney said.

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There is now a digital sign functioning to let drivers know if they’re going too fast, paved roads with double yellow lines and reflectors. Swaney said police patrols have also been ramped up.

Even though there have been major changes to the street, some of the residents said the improvements have presented new challenges.

“We have the sign to show what speed they're on and the double lines not to say pull over and we have a beautifully paved road for them to go as fast as they want to,” said Jordan Damian, a resident of Red Robin Road.

Both Swaney and Damian said they’d like to see speed bumps and the double lines changed to dotted lines.

“That will allow them to have the common courtesy to move over if there’s a walker, a runner, elderly, anybody out there, since there is no sidewalks,” Damian said.

Pelaez said in a statement Friday that his office will continue to work with District 8 residents and the city’s Transportation and Capital Improvements Division to find the best solution for the issue.

TCI is in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of the changes made to the street. In March, residents should know if the department plans to make further changes.

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