Prepare for two nightly closures on the North Side on Loop 1604 starting Thursday

Closures should not affect evening, morning traffic rush

SAN ANTONIO – North Side drivers need to prepare for two nights of planned closures on Loop 1604 closures starting Thursday night.

The eastbound main lanes between Northwest Military and Bitters Road and Rogers Ranch Parkway will be closed between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. for the next two nights.

During that time, drivers will diverted to the frontage road.

The goal is to make traffic a little more bearable in the long run.

Crews will be placing beams as part of turnaround bridge work on Loop 1604 at Bitters Road and Rogers Ranch Parkway. These kinds of bridges would allow drivers to change directions on Loop 1604 without having to wait for a light.

A Texas Department of Transportation spokesman said they’ve had a lot of demand for “this type of thing.”

“The turnaround bridges are in high demand, you know? Drivers really like them to save time,” said Hernan Rozemberg, spokesman for TxDOT San Antonio. “Traffic studies have determined where the most need are, and obviously, depending on funding. Right now, that’s established, allowed us to do these bridges at both Huebner, Bitters, and as part of the same project, a little bit later (they will) also be at Nacogdoches.”

TxDOT has previously closed lanes heading in the opposite direction in the same area.

Rozemberg said TxDOT isn’t expecting a big slowdown from this work, as it will be done after the evening rush hour and before the morning rush hour.

Drivers will also need to contend with the overpass at Bitters Road and Rogers Ranch Parkway being closed during the work. Between the hours of 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., drivers won’t be able to cross the overpass.

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