Truck's spilled load causes traffic woes for drivers on far Northeast Side

Huge concrete barriers toppled off big rig on Loop 1604

SAN ANTONIO – Drivers on the city’s far Northeast Side have been dealing with the aftermath of an 18-wheeler spilling its load onto the highway.

Huge concrete barriers toppled off the back of the flatbed big rig just after 4 a.m. Friday.

They landed on the main lanes of traffic on eastbound Loop 1604 between Green Mountain and Nacogdoches roads.

San Antonio police officers at the scene did not release any information.

However, they did stop a flatbed 18-wheeler on the access road nearby.

In an adjacent parking lot sat a second flatbed that also had a load of concrete barriers on it.

 A driver of a passenger car that also had stopped at that location told KSAT 12 News that his vehicle was damaged by the debris. 

He said he was traveling in the opposite direction on the highway when he ran over a chunk of concrete that became lodged underneath his car.

That man says he spoke with the driver of the first flatbed who told him that the straps holding down his load of concrete barriers broke, causing them to spill.

Because of the weight of that concrete, police had to call for special equipment to remove it.

They shut down all but one lane of the highway in the area, causing a backup on the eastbound lanes that has been going on for hours.

As of 7 a.m., the closure and traffic delays continued.

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