More flights available for Thanksgiving travel at SA Int'l Airport

Officials hope more short-term parking will be available

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SAN ANTONIO – This is the time of the year when families travel across the country for Thanksgiving.

This year, travelers may notice some big changes at the San Antonio International Airport that will make their journey better.

"The first thing is there are more flights available -- 20 additional flights, a number of new destinations already, an increase to current destinations, like Mexico City, for example," airport aviation director Rus Handy said.

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He said one of the airport's biggest problems last holiday season was the lack of short-term parking. But there is a project underway, which Handy hopes to get done by Thanksgiving that will help solve some of those issues.

"We are in the final stages of opening our public parking garage, our short-term garage, which we hope to have open before that weekend, which will be a huge improvement," Handy said.

With the new short-term parking comes new technology to make live easier for drivers who are picking up passengers.

"A new parking monitoring system to let you know where open spots are. Nice, wide roadways with a clean new finding. It'll just be a new experience," Handy said.

This is the time of the year holiday travel ramps up, and airports such as San Antonio International see more passengers.

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So there are a few things to remember the day of travel to make your flight a better experience.

"Make sure your luggage is within the weight. Pack light, pack light," said Kathy Fowler, who flies weekly for work.

"Check your flight before you leave your home. Make sure there isn't a delay so you don't take a trip to the airport and have to wait, particularly if there is bad weather," Handy said.

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