Private pods could be solution to airport traveling woes

Capsule offers safe, quiet place to rest, work

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The days of uncomfortably sluffing over your luggage in an airport while waiting for a connecting flight look like they could soon be over.

Futuristic-looking AirPod capsules that could begin rolling out at select airports as early as this year will offer travelers a safe and private spot to rest.

We can all thank two frequent-flying Slovenian businessmen who could never find a place to relax as they traveled through airports.

“AirPod sleeping pod is an ideal solution for people who are seeking a place to relax, work or just enjoy privacy,” AirPod CEO Grega Mrgole said. 

The pods will not only feature a chair that reclines into a bed, but it will also offer:

  • Charging ports for devices.
  • Connection to Wi-Fi.
  • A place to safely store luggage.
  • Access to Netflix on a TV screen inside the pod.

And to address a topic people will undoubtedly be wondering about, Mrgole said, “It refines the air and eliminates 100 percent of unpleasant smells.

The pods have also been integrated with anti-stress technology based on vision, hearing and scent.

After each person leaves the AirPod, LED lights will automatically turn on, disinfecting the pod.

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Mrgole said the pods, which will cost travelers about $18 an hour, will be regularly checked by airport staff.

While all of this is exciting to frequent fliers, only U.S. fliers going out of the country might catch a glimpse of these. The beta pods will begin appearing inside European airports in a commercial testing phase later this year. Following the testing phase, they could begin appearing in airports around the world.

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