TripAdvisor's 5 spookiest hotels in America

SAN ANTONIO – TripAdvisor recently compiled data from its database based on hundreds of millions of reviews to find hotels across the country deemed to be haunted.

Here's a look at their five spookiest hotels across America:

  • Hawthorne Hotel - Salem, MA

What guests had to say: "I had the full experience (in room 510), starting at 3 a.m. and ending near 4 a.m.: Physical contact (finger poking me), crying outside the door, knocking on the door (from the mid level of the door), whispering sounds, lights flickering when a presence would be felt and then stabilizing when it would leave, and changes in temperature. If you don’t mind the risks of being awakened at night and to go through what I went through yesterday night, or if being in a haunted hotel is what you are looking for, I recommend it.  

  • Hotel St. Nicholas - Cripple Creek, CO

What guests had to say: "Now let me talk about my completely unexpected and terrifying encounter with a ghost. My husband and I were laying in bed at the end of the night watching TV. We were in room 6. My back was turned as I faced the exterior wall. I dozed off or perhaps completely awake, I'm not sure. My husband was entranced in his TV show. All of a sudden I look towards the double door and see an old man standing at entry. He was tall, thin, and dressed in 1800's gray attire. He was focused on me, not looking away. As he started to slowly enter the room and approach me, I cried out, but couldn't move and couldn't scream. I was trying so hard. I was finally able to vocalize with a panicked whimpering. My husband shook me on the shoulder and suddenly everything was okay. I told him I'd had a bad dream because again, I had no knowledge of spirit encounters or hauntings here, and didn't know if I'd even fallen asleep."

  • Manresa Castle - Port Townsend, WA

What guests had to say: "We heard moaning when there was no one around. We heard footsteps and something tapping the wall or handrail but did not see anyone. Fingers stroked my friend's back while she was sitting on the love seat in our room. I walked barefooted into the bathroom and after I stopped walking, I heard one more footstep."

  • The Queen Mary - Long Beach, CA

What guests had to say: "They say it's haunted. I don't care what it is, I didn't bat an eye! Do I care? No, because all my girlfriends beg of me to retell my stories from a night's stay here. Will I tell you? Nope! Go find out for yourself."

  • The Southern Mansion - Cape May, NJ

What guests had to say: "If you want to visit haunted locations and encounter friendly spirits, please stay here. It is such a comforting, pleasant experience."